Mapping Rome

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  • Nick Camerlenghi
  • Allan Ceen
  • Erik Steiner
  • Giovanni Svevo
  • Jim Tice


Taken from the project website (Accessed 2019-08-06):

No place offers the same enduring importance for Western history and culture as the city of Rome. It bears evidence to three millennia of human ambitions, secular and spiritual, and evolving patterns of social and political organization. Its topography is a vast archive—but the city’s very longevity and the wealth of artifacts it contains present a huge challenge for comprehending it in space and through time.

Our team of digital designers and scholars responds to this challenge by collaboratively creating an encyclopedic geo-database comprised of multi-layered maps replete with vetted annotations, important dates, patrons, artists, relevant bibliography, photographic and historic images, and other metadata.

Current and past Mapping Rome projects