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  • Greta Hawes, co-director
  • R. Scott Smith, co-director
  • See the acknowledgments section of the project description for other collaborators


MANTO is a LOD (Linked Open Data‏)‎ digital dataset on Greek myth. As of August 2021, it draws information from the following classical sources:

  • Apollodoros, Library and Epitome
  • Dionysios, Periegesis
  • Epic fragments (Oedipodia, Thebaid, Epigoinoi, Alcmaionid)
  • Euripides, Cyclops, Suppliant Women, Trojan Women
  • Hesiod (and Hesiodic corpus), Shield of Heracles, Theogony and Works & Days
  • Homer, Iliad
  • Lindos Chronicle
  • Pausanias, Periegesis
  • Plutarch, Life of Theseus


The project website provides two kinds of documentation:

  • for users (text and videos)
  • for digital humanists (particularly interesting are the sections of the project's internal Manual for Data Colletion made available in the Documentation section)

Data visualization

Scholars can explore the LOD triple store with a semantic search interface, via a visual map-based interface or as a graph.