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  • Spiros Doikas
  • William Berg


The Liddell, Scott, and Jones (LSJ) Greek lexicon in the form of a wiki. Through Semantic MediaWiki extensions, the site has been set up to handle multiple types of Greek input and output. It contains multiple resources and language pairs to and from Ancient Greek and Latin.

From the project website (accessed 2020-09-24):

This project consisted originally in the conversion into mediawiki format of Liddell, Scott, Jones' A Greek–English Lexicon, which is more commonly known as LSJ. The data have been provided by the Perseus Project with a Creative Commons Sharealike / Non-Commercial / Attribution license. And it was launched on February 2013. Since then a number of other sources (Ancient Greek/Latin to and from other languages) have been added. For example: Diccionario Griego-Español (DGE).

Bidirectional language pairs

  • Ancient Greek ⇄ English (Woodhouse digitized and edited is available for English to Ancient Greek; LSJ's reversal is under preparation)
  • Ancient Greek ⇄ Spanish (reversal based on DGE)
  • Ancient Greek ⇄ Dutch (reversal based on Mijnwoordenboek)
  • Ancient Greek ⇄ Russian (reversal based on Dvoretsky's dictionary)
  • Latin ⇄ German (Karl Ernst Georges)