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"CCH is an international leader in the application of technology in research in the arts and humanities, and in the social sciences. It is in the School of Humanities, and operates on a collaborative basis across discipline, institutional and national boundaries: it has collaborative relationships across King’s College and with a large number of institutions and bodies in the UK and internationally. CCH has 11 established staff, and more than 20 contract staff working on research projects. It has generated over £13 million in research grants over the past 5 years, and is involved in more than 20 major research projects, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Leverhulme Trust and the Andrew W Mellon Foundation. CCH is responsible for the MA programmes in Digital Culture and Technology, and Digital Humanities; it also runs an undergraduate Digital Humanities programme."

Classical projects at DDH

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Other Digital Humanities Projects at DDH

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