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  • Peter S. Baker


Unicode is a specialized font for medievalists, with an enormous number of variant letterforms, which are assigned to the Private Use Area of Unicode. It adheres to the MUFI conventions that have been adopted by medievalists to supplement Unicode. From the website (accessed 2012-06-21):

Version 0.7.7 contains 3280 characters in the regular style (the italic, bold and bold italic styles are less complete). These Unicode ranges are either complete in the regular style or they contain substantial numbers of glyphs (especially those of interest to medievalists):

Basic Latin Latin 1 Supplement Latin Extended A Latin Extended B Latin Extended D Latin Extended Additional IPA Extensions Phonetic Extensions Spacing Modifier Letters Greek Greek Extended Combining Diacritical Marks Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Runic Number Forms Enclosed Alphanumerics General Punctuation Superscripts and Subscripts Gothic

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