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Gennaro Ferrante


From the project website (accssed 2020-11-15):

Illuminated dante Project (IDP) aims to provide a systematic survey and an accurate description of those early illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy (miniatures’ extended apparatuses, historiated initials, elaborated friezes, drawings, sketches, diagrams, schemes) revealing up to the smallest meaningful reference to the poem or to a commentary accompanying the poem. Such a crucial work of classification will be accompanied by the setting up of the biggest high-definition image archive of the Divine Comedy, in which both linguistic and figurative codes of the Divine Comedy intersect in a multi-disciplinary viewpoint availing itself of the IT means. By the creation of both an image archive and a database of the earliest illustrations of the Divine Comedy, presented in a charming and user-friendly architecture, IDP will add an indispensable research and knowledge tool to the already existing online academic resources on Dante’s world (Dante online, Digital Dante, Dartmouth Dante Project, Princeton Dante Project).

So far, IDP has already created a finding list of about 280 manuscripts dating and datable between the 14th and the 15th centuries, and held in libraries, museums and archives worldwide.