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  • John Tierney


Historic Graves is a database of graveyards and oral histories. As of December 2019 it included 851 graveyards in Ireland and the UK. Users can explore the data by graveyard, name, project, or story. Each individual grave record includes a photograph, coordinates, and map, and the majority also include a transcription of the epitaph, along with details of memorial type, people commemorated and relationshop type.

The website includes a blog highlighting particular projects or issues encountered in the process of conducting surveys.

From their website:

The Historic Graves project is a community focused grassroots heritage project. Local community groups are trained in low-cost high-tech field survey of historic graveyards and recording of their own oral histories. They build a multi-media online record of the historic graves in their own areas and unite to form a national resource. The project outlines a system and sequence which helps to co-ordinate and standardise an historic graveyard survey.