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HESTIA: the Herodotus Encoded Space-Text-Imaging Archive

Editor Leif Isaksen

HESTIA (the Herodotus Encoded Space-Text-Imaging Archive) employs digital technology to develop an innovative methodology to the study of spatial data in Herodotus’ _Histories_. Using a digital text of Herodotus, freely available from the Perseus on-line library, to capture all the place-names mentioned in the narrative, we construct a database to house that information and represent it in a series of mapping applications, such as GIS, GoogleEarth and a GoogleMaps Timeline. As a collaboration of academics from the disciplines of Classics, Geography, and Archaeological Computing, HESTIA has the twin aim of investigating the ways geography is represented in the Histories and of bringing Herodotus’ world to a broader audience via the Web.