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Most teachers of TEI and EpiDoc courses or workshops use the Syncrosoft Oxygen XML editor, on the grounds that:

  • the developers Syncrosoft are known to be responsive, especially to the DH community;
  • it has a very good balance of functionality (XPath and XSLT transformation as well as predictive and customizable editing modes);
  • it is very easy for students to learn to use, cross-platform, and the free 30-day trial is adequate for short workshops;
  • the full academic license ($99) is very reasonable for this kind of tool;
  • it is what many of us use in our day-to-day work, so teaching it is natural.

However, the tendency in the digital humanities toward the use of free and open source software, especially in teaching, leads to the need for a list of fully free and open alternatives to this popular XML editor. The below is the beginnings of such a list (installation and configuration notes will be added or linked where available).

Open source editors

Other free editors

  • ...