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  • Gabriel Bodard
  • Ioanna Kyvernitou
  • Jamie Norrish
  • Simona Stoyanova
  • Irene Vagionakis
  • Polina Yordanova


From the Github readme (accessed 2019-06-18):

EpiDoc Front-End Services (EFES) is a delivery, search and browse platform that can be set up and customized for an individual EpiDoc XML-based project with only minimal training and technical skill on the part of a project team. The authors plan to offer advanced, follow-up training workshops for students already familiar with EpiDoc, but lacking further technical skills, with a view to empowering them to create and manage all stages of their digital publication, from modelling to indexing to publishing online.

EFES is a fork of the Kiln publication platform.

EFES was built as part of an Andrew W. Mellon-funded project in 2017, and is managed by the EpiDoc community since then. Several in-progress EpiDoc projects (among them SigiDoc, Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica, Telamon and Cretan Institutional Inscriptions are using EFES as the basis of their publication.