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* http://www.eaqua.net
* http://www.eaqua.net
* Charlotte Schubert

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  • Charlotte Schubert


Project Summary

The eAqua-project, which ran from 2008–3013, aimed at generating specific knowledge from ancient texts and will provide this knowledge via an open web-portal to the scientific community for future studies. For this purpose researchers from the fields of Computer Sciences and Classics cooperated to adapt the available text mining technologies to the needs and requirements of the Classics.


1. Atthidographers

With our "search tool" which aims to help the classicist to decontextualise any given terminus by stating its most significant cooccurrents and visualising them we are looking for the contexts on which the Atthidographers, a group of lost historians of Athens, wrote their books. With other text mining tools like the differential analysis and named entity recognition we are also trying to recover the theoretical dimensions of the content of their books to which surving authors always refer with "Atthis".

The results are then used to deconstruct this so called group of "Atthidographers", and to show the possible variations among their book.

6. Papyrology

The subproject TP 4.6 Papyrology will create a tool to complete fragmentary texts and classify documentary texts.