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* GitHub organization: https://github.com/dcthree
* GitHub organization: https://github.com/dcthree
===See also:===
==See also:==
* [[papyri.info]]
* [[papyri.info]]
* [[IDEs]]
* [[IDEs]]

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  • Joshua D. Sosin


The Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing, the DC3, is a no-nonsense, interdisciplinary, results-oriented research group devoted to the creation and care of standards, services, and tooling for digital classics and beyond. We aim to be flexible, durable, and to leverage the strengths of our many partnerships so as to be a collection of parts flying in loose formation. Like the plane.
The DC3 manages papyri.info data and tooling, experiments in the development of new complementary resources, and engages in teaching and outreach at Duke and beyond.


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