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* Editor: [http://wiki.digitalclassicist.org/User:MonicaBerti Monica Berti]
* Editor: [http://wiki.digitalclassicist.org/User:MonicaBerti Monica Berti]
[http://www.dh.uni-leipzig.de/wo/projects/open-greek-and-latin-project/digital-marmor-parium/ Digital Marmor Parium]
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Digital Marmor Parium


The Digital Marmor Parium is a project of the Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig. The aim of this work is to produce a new digital edition of the so called Marmor Parium (Parian Marble), which is a Hellenistic chronicle on a marble slab coming from the Greek island of Paros. The importance of the document is due to the fact that it preserves a Greek chronology (1581/80-299/98 BC) with a list of kings and archons accompanied by short references to historical events mainly based on the Athenian history. The project team is producing a new XML edition of the text according to the EpiDoc Guidelines, is encoding all the named entities mentioned in the inscription, and is producing a timeline visualization of the chronological information preserved on the stone.