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This is a list of pages that need some kind of attention—they may be "stubs," very old pages for projects that are out of date, candidates for deletion, or just need the attention of an expert or decisions by the community. Please add your name to column 3 if you are working on a page.

Pages that need attention
Page title Issue or problem Reserved by Other notes
OpenStreetMap needs better description of value for DH and classics projects (e.g. Pleiades, Pelagios, ecc.) Valeria
GAP Elton
COACS Simona
Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes Many of the projects listed in this page should have entries of their own. I suggest adding many (perhaps not all) projects and tools to the wiki at some point.
King's Digital Lab is this up to date?
Electronic Archive of Greek and Latin Epigraphy relationship to EAGLE Network?
Eulexis Add description of app and web versions)
Morphological parsing or lemmatising Greek and Latin split into multiple pages for different types of tool/function. See discussion at [1] for more up-to-date contributions
Lexicographic data, encoding of
Dickinson College Commentaries work out relationship to Open Book Publishers OA language textbooks (https://www.openbookpublishers.com/section/31/1) and possibly cross-ref? And/or new page for latter…?
Papyrus-Portal Deutschland add references to other sub-projects in Organa Papyrologica (https://www.organapapyrologica.net/) and perhaps rename page and create new articles for other projects
Google Earth I would like to see a more up-to-date discussion of Google Earth in its various forms (app, web, services) and some concrete examples of ways it is used in DH/Digiclass projects. Are any visualizations from e.g. Pleiades or Pelagios implemented in Google Earth?
Linked open data Examples and links to some digital classics LOD projects/implementations?
Concording Greek and Latin texts not comprehensive or systematic. For instance, Itinera electronica is not the only online digital library providing a concordance tool (the online PHI Latin Texts comes to mind as another key example). The page either needs to be enriched, or deleted.
Catalogue Digital Editions scrape catalogue for corpora to include in the wiki
Catalogue of Digital Scholarly Editions scrape catalogue for corpora to include in the wiki