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== Available ==  
== Available ==  
* http://dasi.humnet.unipi.it/index.php?id=42&prjId=6&corId=0&colId=0
* http://dasi.cnr.it/index.php?id=42&prjId=6
== Director ==
== Director ==

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  • L. Nehmé


The Corpus of Nabataean Inscriptions is part of DASI. As of November 2016, it includes about 30 texts.

From the project website (accessed 2016-11-14):

The first step of the project concerns a selection of Nabataean inscriptions and graffiti from various regions of the Nabataean Kingdom, from southern Syria to north Arabia, which will be entered in the database. These will include, in addition to the tomb inscriptions from Hegra, important texts from Petra and the Hawran (epitaphs, dedications, etc.). Since 90% of the Nabataean inscriptions are graffiti, a selection of those will also be entered in the database so that they are represented.