Corpus Grammaticorum Latinorum

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  • Alessandro Garcea (Sorbonne Université)
  • Valeria Lomanto (University of Turin).


This project provides a digital edition of a number of Latin grammatical works (3rd through 8th centuries AD). When no more recent complete edition is available, the text is that of Keil's sylloge, published in Leipzig from 1855 to 1880. Otherwise, the text is taken from the best recent edition. From the Editorial Principles page:

Therefore, in our corpus, we replaced Keil’s edition by the most recent ones, whenever available, and works that were published in an incomplete form in Keil have been integrated in complete editions; when only partial modern editions exist, we did not include them in the corpus.

Quotations from Greek and Latin authors have been marked and appear in footnotes on the bottom of the page. Other editorial practices are described in the Editorial Principles page linked above.

The website also features a thematic index and an index of quotations.