Corpus Coranicum Christianum

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  • Manolis Ulbricht


The Corpus Coranicum Christianum (CCC), explores the Qur'an and its reception in a historical and diachronic manner from an exterior Christian perspective. To this end, the translations (corpus) of the Qur'an (coranicum) into the Syrian, Greek and Latin languages that stem from a Christian cultural sphere (christianum) in the period between the emergence of Islam in the 7th century and the 13th century in order to be philologically processed in an Open Access-Databank. Adhering to accepted publication standards, the annotation and entry of these documents into this database will make these texts and perspectives available for both the scientific community and the general public.

Planned future phases of the project will develop a corpus of medieval Quranic translations into Latin, Greek, and Syriac, and encode related Christian-Islamic treatises. A preliminary corpus is encoded in Text Alignment Network Text Encoding Initiative XML.