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* Angelika Neuwirth
* Angelika Neuwirth
* Michael Marx


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Project Director

  • Angelika Neuwirth
  • Michael Marx


From the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences' website [1] (accessed 2016-01-16):

Corpus Coranicum was created in 2007 by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, with the goal of completing three objectives by 2024:

  • Textual documentation by collecting the oldest Qur’anic manuscripts and analysis of oral transmission as described in the Muslim tradition, especially that of the tenth and eleventh centuries.
  • Second, the project has already analyzed known religious and literary sources dated to Late Antiquity (database, ‘Texts from the Environment of the Qur'an’[2]). This provides a reconstruction of the spiritual and religious environment of the first Muslim community in western Arabia.
  • Third, following the approach of Theodor Nöldeke (1836-1930) and Angelika Neuwirth, Corpus Coranicum produced a literary commentary, designed with reference to the textual and contextual documentation of the text, in order to describe literary forms within the corpus of the Qur'anic revelations. The issue of internal chronology of the Qur'anic text is also covered in this part of the project.