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From the website (accessed 2019-12-03):

The Coptic Dictionary Online aims to make it easy to look up Coptic words in all dialects and supply freely accessible translations in English, French and German, via human and machine readable interfaces. From the dictionary's main page you can run a configurable search using the following fields:

  • Coptic word - enter Coptic text in utf-8 characters. You can also use regular expression wildcards.
  • Dialect - select one of the dialect sigla or use any for any dialect
  • Scriptorium Tag - part of speech tag to limit the search by
  • Search in definitions - you can search within definitions in either English, French or German, or in any language. Searches can be restricted to exact sequences of words within definitions, or else to definitions containing all of the entered words in any order

The Coptic Dictionary Online is linked to Coptic Scriptorium corpora. Users can search for attestations of words, get frequencies and rank information or browse collocations of words.