Copenhagen Associations Project (CAP)

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The Copenhagen Associations Project (CAP) has the aim to investigate the private associations of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman worlds (c. 500 BCE to c. AD 300) in the geographical area that goes from Italy to India. It examinates the organization and activities of the associations themselves and also seeks to elucidate their contribution to the development of contemporary societies. The project has also the aims to examine possible connections to, and influences on, allegedly similar phenomena in other areas and historical periods and to re-evaluate current scholarly perceptions about distinctions between the public, private, and sacred spheres.

The members of the project work both on on individual and clearly delineated topics, each of which is central to the greater project, and collectively on the compilation of a comprehensive inventory of the known private associations within the project’s focus area. At the end, the CAP Inventory will be available as an electronic database.

The academic staff, led by a project director, consists of three researchers and two PhD scholars, and is based at the University of Copenhagen. A larger group of Associate Members co-operates with them, contributing in particular to the inventory of private associations.

The Copenhagen Associations Project (CAP) is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.