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Library copies

  • The Institute of Classical Studies Library in London holds print copies from Vol VI (1989) to XVII (2001) in the electronic resources room (record permalink)
  • The Bodleian Library in Oxford seems to hold a print copy (record permalink)
  • WorldCat reports print holdings at 6 institutions in the United States and Canada.


  • Joseph Tebben (Ohio State University)


Computing and the Classics was a quarterly newsletter reporting on computer activities in research and instruction, supported by Ohio State University and the American Philological Association. Edited by Joseph Tebben, ComClass ran from 1984 until 2002, when it was discontinued. From about 1995 it was distributed by email as well as in the form of a print supplement, usually between 2 and 8 pages in length. An online archive does not seem to be in evidence. The ISSN 8756-596X is associated with the journal in some old online announcements and in the associated WorldCat record.