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  • Chris L. Nighman


Chrysostomus Latinus in Iohannem Online provides Open Access transcriptions of all three Latin translations of John Chrysostom's 88 homilies on the Gospel of John (CPG 4425), representing Greco-Latin translation and patristic scholarship in Western Europe through three distinct eras: the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment.

  1. Burgundio of Pisa's Explanatio in sanctum Iohannem' (1173). This earliest Latin translation of Chrysostom's Joannine homilies has never been printed, though a critical edition of Burgundio's preface to it was published by Peter Classen in 1974 (Burgundio von Pisa: Richter, Gesandter, Übersetzer, pp.79-102).
  2. Francesco Griffolini's Omelie super Iohannis euangelio (1462), collated against the first two editions (Rome, 1470 & Cologne, 1486) and Erasmus of Rotterdam's version from his Opera Omnia Chrysostomi, tom. 3 (Basel, 1530). The later transmission of Griffolini’s translation, heavily emended and amended by Jerome Comelin in 1603 is also provided separately, collated against Erasmus’ 1530 edition.
  3. Bernard de Montfaucon's Commentarius in sanctum Joannem (1728), from tome 8 of his Sancti patris nostri Joannis Chrysostomi...opera omnia... (Paris, 1718-38), collated against J.P. Migne's edition in Patrologia Graeca, tome 59 (Paris, 1862).

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