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This page collects URL schemes for directly linking to records in museum collections.


American Numismatic Society, where 1944.100.24110 is the accession number.

Brooklyn Museum


both link to the same object.

British Museum, London Not yet sure if "&partid=1" is always necessary.

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

[1], where the value of 'priref' is given as "Reference Number:".

Getty Museum, Los Angeles and Malibu

Is there a collection database online?

Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, where 1977.216.3192 is the accession number.

Hermitage, Saint Petersburg

Search form at but no short URLs for individual objects.

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, where 'D.192' looks like the accession number (though that isn't explicitly stated anywhere on the page).

Louvre, Paris is a link to an individual object. It does not seem to be a permanent link into the collection database of the institution.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

There is a database search form at but it does not seem to support individually addressable catalog entries via a URL.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where 63.2644 is the accession number.

Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, where '18217568' is the 'Object Number' as given on the page.

Ure Museum, Reading, where '67.7.3' is the accession number.

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore The 'id' is not documented on each page. Addresses of this form are unlikely to be permanent URIs for objects in the collection.

Yale Art Gallery, New Haven, where 95360 is the object id, not the accession number.