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  • Martin Mueller and Ahuvia Kahane, editors
  • Craig Berry and Bill Parod, technical editors


The Chicago Homer is a multilingual (Greek + English, German translations: Lattimore, Hine, Voss) database that displays the texts of Homer and other early Greek epic, providing a range of formulaic and other analysis functions for both advanced and beginner users, for readers with and without a knowledge of Greek. Unlike other search engines, CH offers instantaneous display and variant breakdown of the full inflected range of repeated hexameter formulae and other verbal combinations, with options to include function words, narratological and other criteria as well as statistical and grammatical analysis of lemmata and word forms, synonyms, etc. CH is linked to the associated website Eumaios, which offers users line-by-line access to Iliad Scholia and papyrus readings and Virgilian echoes.