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== Available ==
== Available ==
- http://capitains.org/
* http://capitains.org/
- https://github.com/capitains
* https://github.com/capitains
== Authors ==
== Authors ==

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  • Bridget Almas
  • Thibault Clérice
  • Matt Munson


CapiTainS is an informal open-source organization which aims at providing a suite of tools and guidelines for Citable Text APIs standards.

It provides XML TEI guidelines for encoding text that can be then consumed or served over different tools :

  • Capitains HookTest, a tool that check compliances of a Corpus with the guidelines for TEI
  • Capitains Nemo, an application that can help quickly put together a website based on Capitains Guidelines
  • Capitains Nautilus, an application that provides different textual APIs (like CTS and DTS) for corpora following Capitains Guidelines
  • Capitains MyCapytain, the shared library used for parsing corpora. It can be used in corpus analysis pipeline to parse local repositories, to consume APIs but it can also be used further for building web application.


  • Almas & Clérice, Continuous Integration and Unit Testing of Digital Editions, Digital Humanities Quaterly, Volume 11.4, Link
  • Clérice, Les outils CapiTainS, l’édition numérique et l’exploitation des textes, Médiévales, Volume 73, p. 114 Editor Pre-print