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  • Jan Christoph Meister


From the project website (accessed 2020-11-21):

CATMA supports explorative, non-deterministic practices of text annotation: a discursive, debate-oriented approach to text annotation based on research practices of hermeneutic disciplines is the underlying conceptual model.

What sets CATMA apart from other digital annotation methods is its ‘undogmatic’ approach: the system does neither prescribe defined annotation schemata or rules, nor does it force the user to apply rigid yes/no, right/wrong taxonomies to texts (even though it allows for more prescriptive schemata as well). In other words, CATMA’s logic invites users to explore the richness and multifacetedness of textual phenomena according to their needs: users can create, expand, and continuously modify their own individual tagsets—so if a text passage invites more than one interpretation, nothing in the system prevents assigning multiple, or even contradictory annotations.