Boethius in Early Medieval Europe

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  • Malcolm Godden
  • Rohini Jayatilaka
  • Rosalind Love


Frome the project website (accessed 2020-11-10)

Our primary target is a full edited compilation of the whole corpus, recording or collating all distinct glosses and variations amongst them, apart from mere differences of spelling and word-order. This will run to about 2,000 pages, and will, we hope, be eventually available in both print and fully-searchable electronic form. To make the material more accessible, we aim also to produce a select edition based on English MSS of the tenth and eleventh century, which will give a good representative picture of the glosses that were current in both England and the Continent in the period. This will be published in book form.

In support of this material we will provide descriptions of the MSS, an analysis of the history of the commentary material and a detailed commentary examining the sources of the glosses and assessing the information that they provide.