Big Ancient Mediterranean

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  • Sarah Bond
  • Paul Dilley
  • Ryan Horne


The Big Ancient Mediterranean (“BAM”) integrates GIS tools, network analysis, textual annotation, and data mining capabilities to explore and visualize ancient texts in new ways. The site’s simultaneous presentation of these tools is designed to allow a deeper “reading” of texts by providing students, teachers, researchers, and the general public with an open-access portal wherein they can interact with maps, visualizations, and linked data. BAM aims to further connect and develop the digital resources and rich landscape of linked data developed in the field of ancient studies. The first module within BAM is called Terra Biblica, which offers users a means to explore biblical and early Christian texts. In order to encourage scholarly discussion and to incorporate new datasets within the BAM interface, we are requesting funding to facilitate an academic workshop to be held in June of 2016, and the development of a full prototype for BAM drawing on participants’ feedback.