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  • Katherine Harloe
  • Amara Thornton
  • James Baker
  • Ammandeep Mahal


From the project website (accessed 2023-05-25):

The goals of this wiki are to:

Investigate and expand the evidence base for women's past archaeological, historical and heritage work by developing a linked data ontology suited to capturing the full range and complexity of evidence contained in archives of the Society of Antiquaries of London (SAL) and the Royal Archaeological Institute, mapping their links with each other and with other actors and sites beyond the SAL and RAI This work is guided by a series of questions:

  1. How can inclusive cataloguing, reflexive modelling, and linked open data be used to define and highlight evidence of women's work in historical archives through the development of bespoke digital ontologies that conserve the complexity and specificity of the information they contain?
  2. How can the SAL/RAI archives be catalogued so as to render women's activities optimally discoverable and to track them through the archives and collections of other cultural institutions?
  3. How can linked data modelling of women's archaeology, history and heritage work enrich quantitative macro-analyses of cultural-institutional datasets?
  4. How can LOD enhance research into histories of women and other subaltern actors by enabling complex archival queries?