Beta Code to Unicode Converter

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  • Claude Devis


(Free!) Beta Code to Unicode Converter is an online service that converts polytonic Greek text from Beta Code to Unicode UTF-16, little-endian.

As stated by the tool's home page, two versions of it are available online:

  • "Basic converter : a "pure" beta code text file converter."
  • "Extended converter : a TLG beta code binary file interpreter (conversion of the segmented binary TLG/PHI compatible txt/idt files)."

Project web page last updated 2019, with updated links to Beta Code resources and TLG. The transfer of this tool to the site has imposed a limit of 1000 KB on file uploads, making larger TLG/IDT pairs nonconvertible (doi 20191126). Conversion uses unicode polytonic Greek acute accents deprecated in 2016.