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Unicode fonts for ancient scripts.

From the project website (accessed 2017-11-07):

Basic Latin, Greek and Coptic, Greek Extended, some Punctuation and other Symbols, Linear B Syllabary, Linear B Ideograms, Aegean Numbers, Ancient Greek Numbers, Ancient Symbols, Phaistos Disc, Lycian, Carian, Lydian, Old Italic, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Old Persian, Linear A, Cypriot Syllabary and Ancient Greek Musical Notation. Phrygian, Sidetic, the Arkalochori Axe, signs on Troy vessels and the Dispilio tablet. Local variants of Ancient Greek and Old Italic alphabets. Cretan Hieroglyphs and Cypro-Minoan in dedicated fonts.
Aegean is not a merchandise; it is free for any use.

There are also corpora of Cypro-Minoan and Linear A inscriptions, and tables of local letter forms in Greek and Old Italic alphabets.


  • George Douros