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  • Scientific Director of the Greek Epigraphy Lab, DSU, Ca’ Foscari: Claudia Antonetti
  • Project Coordinator (Progetto di Ricerca d’Ateneo 2013): Stefania De Vido
  • Scientific Team: Ivan Matijašić, Valentina Mignosa, Silvia Palazzo, Michela Socal, Luigi Tessarolo


Axon Project aims to offer a selection of Greek inscriptions, from the birth of the polis in the Archaic Age to 31 BC. The documents are provided with complete lemma and critical apparatus, information about date and place of discovery, Italian translation, commentary, and updated bibliography. This digital anthology has been selected according to a broader notion of ‘historical’ inscription, which includes those documents relevant not only for their political and institutional contents, but also for the social as well as cultural issues they display.

AXON is a member of Europeana EAGLE Project and is supported by the Istituto Italiano per la Storia Antica.

Each digital record is associated with a commentary on the palaeographic, linguistic, historical, institutional, cultural and contextual aspects of the document. The record and the commentary are published together in the AXON journal after two double-blind reviews. The journal, provided with ISSN, is published every six months and can be freely consulted through the website of our publisher, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari Digital Publishing [1].


De Vido Stefania, Matijasic Ivan, Palazzo Silvia. "AXON. A Database for Greek Historical Inscriptions". Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context, Proceedings of the EAGLE 2016 International Conference (Rome, 27-29 January 2016), 27-29 gennaio 2016. Rome, Sapienza Università editrice, pp. 57-65 (ISBN 9788893770217).