Virtual Manuscript Room Collaborative Research Environment

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From the project home page:

The VMR CRE is an ecosystem of components. Many teams have contributed to this ecosystem [...]. The VMR CRE was developed under the supervision of Hugh Houghton and David Parker toward the PhD thesis, Software for the Collaborative Editing of the Greek New Testament by Troy A. Griffitts.


The VMR CRE is software framework aiming at creating a virtual research environment for all stages of the creation of a digital critical edition. It allows for collaboration among scholars and can be installed on different platforms, including Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Projects using the VMR CRE include:

  • New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room
  • Coptic-Sahidic Old Testament Project
  • The Canons of Apa John the Archimandrite
  • Erstellung einer kritischen Edition der Johannesapokalypse
  • Museum of the Bible
    • Greek Paul Project
    • Greek Psalter Project
    • Syriac Climacus' Ladder of Divine Ascent Project
  • Τομέας Μελέτης Χειρόγραφης Παράδοσης - Byzantine Project
  • Paratexts of the Bible
  • Avestan Digital Archive

The complete list with links may be found on the project home page.