Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities (VeDPH)

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The VeDPH is an academic centre facilitating research in the intersection between Public Humanities (including, but not limited to, Public History) and Digital Humanities (DH). It focusses on the aspects of DH research and teaching that 'public' in many senses, including outreach beyond the traditional academic community, dissemination of research results, impact of research in the society.

It is part of the is part of the Department of Humanities (Dipartimento di of Ca' Foscari University of Venice

The mission statement of the VeDPH is:

Stimulate an interdisciplinary methodological discourse to serve as foundation for the collaborative development of durable, reusable, shared resources for research and learning

Likewise, the VeDPH website (page Centre) lists the following three inspiring principles:

  • Methodological awareness
  • collaboration
  • interoperability through openness.

Classical projects

Digital classics projects of the VeDPH include the migration of the legacy projects connected with Musisque Deoque and of Catullus Online to a new software framework.