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Justin Barton was born and raised in California, USA and graduated from the University of Califronia at Berkeley in 2005 with a BA in Anthropology, his emphasis being archaeology. While finishing his degree he focused on digital documentation technologies and how they could be used to document not just 'space' but also 'place.' After graduation, he became a part of the CyArk team where he participated in the High Definition Documentation (HDD) projects conducted at Chavin de Huantar, Peru; Tambo Colorado, Peru; and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, USA. During these projects the team conducted terrestrial 3D laser scanning, high-definition photography, videography, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging/photography.

Justin is currently still a part time CyArk team member while attending University College London's Institute of Archaeology for a MA in Field Archaeology. His dissertation research is focusing on the analysis of HDD as a conservation and management tool for site managers of earthen archaeological sites. His case study is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Merv, Turkmenistan and the HDD research is being conducted as part of UCL's Ancient Merv Project. Justin is hoping to continue the research into a PhD where he and the Ancient Merv Project will conduct yearly scanning and photographic documentation of selected monuments for comparison to attempt to observe and measure erosion of the earthen structures. This, if successful, will be of great benefit to the site managers in planning conservation and preventative measures.


Justin is available for consultation, advice, and/or labour to anyone conducting or interested in conducting an archaeological HDD project.

Current Project(s)

Ancient Merv Project, conducted by UCL's Institute of Archaeology in conjunction with the Turkmenistan Ministry of Culture and the State Historical and Cultural Park Ancient Merv.