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John Bradley is now an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Digital Humanities and King's Digital Lab at King's College London. He started work at KCL in 1997, and for most of his time there he worked as a Senior Analyst on more than 20 humanities oriented digital projects. However, his work had always contained elements of academic activity including research, publication and teaching, and he was made a Senior Lecturer in 2011, four years before his retirement in 2015. Before coming to King's in 1997 he was at the University of Toronto where, among other things, he designed and worked with a small team to develop the well-known early text analysis software TACT.

Of all digital projects in which he was involved, 4 have at least some connection with the interests of Digital Classicists:

  • The Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire. John Martindale (KCL). (1997-2001) John was lead technical designer for PBE CD publication: The Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire I (PBE I, Ashgate, 2001). Published online (2015) at
  • The Prosopography of the Byzantine World: 2011 edition. Michael Jeffreys (KCL), Averil Cameron (Oxford), Charlotte Roueché (KCL). (2001-2005) Technical Project Leader. (2006-2015) Technical Research Co-Director.
  • The Art of Making in Antiquity: Stone Carving and Carvers in the Roman World. With Dr W Wootton (KCL, Classics) and Michele Pasin (KCL, DDH). (2010-2013). Co-investigator and Technical Research Director.
  • Digital Prosopography of the Roman Republic. With Prof Henrik Mouritsen and Prof Dominic Rathbone, Classics, KCL. (2013-2018). Co-investigator and Technical Research Director.

John Bradley's research profile can be found at