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André Bünte

  • postgraduate (2008-2011) in Ancient History - Lehrstuhl für Alte Geschichte, Universität Leipzig. Working title of the doctoral thesis: "The Atthidographers re-examined"
  • currently engaged in the eAQUA Project in corporation with the Department for Natural Language Processing in subproject 4.1 (see research project).


  • André Bünte received a magister artium degree in ancient history, classical archaeology and history and culture in Africa at the university of Leipzig in 2007.
  • from 2006 to 2008 he got employed at IBM Germany
  • Currently André is a postgraduate member of the Faculty of History, Art and Oriental Studies at the Universität Leipzig where he is engaged in the eAqua Project at the chair of ancient history. His research focusses on developing approaches of applying text mining methods on small scale textcorpora like fragmentary authors within the TLG. Furthermore he is engaged at the department of Natural Language Processing where he is working on the project's documentation and the development of export functions of the project's web deployment.


An always up-to-date list of publications is accessible via

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