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  • Hugh Cayless


Transcoder is "a library of Java classes designed to translate Ancient Greek from one encoding to another."

How to use it

You can download a .jar that can be used as a stand-alone program if you have a Java Runtime installed. Once you open the program, you can select the input and output encodings from the Encodings menu, then paste/copy some text and click on Transform. Or you can select an input file and an output file from menu File - Set Set Source File and File - Set Set Result File.

Also included are a Cocoon transformer to allow integration into the Cocoon web application framework, a GUI transformer, and a jEdit plugin.


Supported encodings include:

  • Unicode, both form C (Composed; i.e. precomposed characters) and D (Decomposed; i.e. combining diacritical characters)
  • Beta Code
  • GreekKeys
  • SGreek
  • SPIonic
  • Greek transliteration