Tools of the Trade

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  • Lowell Edmunds
  • Sander M. Goldberg


Taken from project website (accessed 2017-03-03):

Tools of the Trade was conceived by Lowell Edmunds as a bibliographic guide for graduate students and others interested in furthering their knowledge of the Roman world. When the expansion of scholarly resources and the growing capabilities of web-based publication made a second edition desirable, Professor Edmunds decided to divide the project into thirteen discrete bibliographies, each with its own editor/compiler.

At this point, the project was passed on to Sander M. Goldberg of UCLA, who has assumed responsibility for editing the final documents and posting them on this site. The content and form of each bibliography has been determined by the subject editor, who is identified in the heading for each document. Specific suggestions, questions, and comments about its content should be addressed to that individual. General questions and comments should be addressed to Professor Goldberg.

The bibliographies date from 2011 and are as follows:

  • Concordances and Indices Verborum
  • Encyclopedias
  • Fragmentary Authors
  • Latin Meter
  • Modern Grammars and Ancient Grammarians
  • Roman Religion
  • Roman Topography
  • Specialized Vocabularies
  • Textual Criticism & Textual Transmission