Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

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  • General Editor: Michael Hillen
  • Editors:
    • Dr. John Blundell
    • Dr. Nigel Holmes
    • Drs Cornelis G. van Leijenhorst
    • Drs Marijke Ottink
    • Dr. Josine Schrickx


The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL) exists in three forms:

  1. A series of printed volumes, published by De Gruyter
  2. A paywalled, searchable online database, available for subscription by De Gruyter
  3. Open access PDF versions of the headwords, lemmata and index librorum

From the TLL Digital page (accessed 2019-04-16):

Since 2002 the Thesaurus has been available not only in the printed version but also in electronic form: at first on CD‑ROM and now on-line, under the auspices of the publishers De Gruyter. Many research institutions provide free access to their users. The online Thesaurus includes all the fascicles which have appeared since 1900, not in the form of a simple PDF but in a version which allows the user to look at the structure of articles in depth. While it is possible to find a lemma and read through the article line by line, as in the printed version, one can also use search functions, not available in the printed version, for example to find particular quotations wherever they are in the dictionary, or restrict the search to certain parts of the article, such as the preface, and much more besides.