TIGLIO (Translations of Greek and Latin Inscriptions Online) project

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Taken from the Digital posters exhibition section in Europeana - EAGLE project site (Accessed 2017-02-07):

TIGLIO (Translations and Images of Greek and Latin Inscriptions Online) is a project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to speculate on the best ways to deal with two forgotten types of content in the realm of ancient epigraphy: translations and images. Translations available online are less then 3% of the total available transcriptions online; images are often subject to policies which make extremely difficult their use for research, publication, even simple viewing. There has been no thought given to these before in an articulated manner although these are the types of content which can bring a much larger group of users to epigraphy. The presentation gives an idea of the results of the questions and results of the project.