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Editorial Board

  • Associate Editors: J.-M. Carbon, G. Kantor and M. Zellmann-Rohrer
  • Assistant Editors: M.B. Richardson, V. Scheibelreiter-Gail and E. Sverkos
  • Advisory Editors: H.W. Pleket, R.S. Stroud, A. Avram, K. Hallof, M.B. Hatzopoulos, M.L. Lazzarini, A. Martin, A.P. Matthaiou and L. di Segni


The summaries, bibliography, and texts collected in the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG) are available through a Brill database accessible only to subscribers.

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Due to SEG Online lemmata pages being openly available (albeit with entries themselves behind paywall), SEG was included in the concordance of Greek epigraphy provided by IDEs.