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  • Duane W. Roller


The Strabo Application is a georeferenced, interactive digital map of the Ancient Mediterranean World to accompany the text of the Geography translated by Duane W. Roller and published by Cambridge University Press (2014). The application is produced by the Ancient World Mapping Center, and marks all locatable settlements, features, and peoples mentioned by Strabo, as determined by the translator and presented according to his specifications.

The application is designed and developed by Ryan Horne, utilizing data from the AWMC produced by Richard Talbert, Jeffrey Becker, Ryan Horne, Ross Twele, Ray Belanger, Steve Burges, Luke Hagemann, Ashley Lee, and others.

Feature data is derived from Pleiades. Background data is derived from MapBox and OpenStreetMap, with ocean overlays produced by the AWMC. The tiles are hosted courtesy of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. River data is derived from Vmap0, Natural Earth, and the work of the AWMC. All other landscape data is originally derived from Vmap0 and produced by the AWMC following the Barrington Atlas.

All site content, map data, and maps created by the application are released under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0 license and are completely free for non-commercial use. The underlying javascript code is released under GPLv2.