Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database (SAHD)

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The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database is an international, cooperative research project involving a growing number of centres with coordination provided by Leiden. The currently participating centres include the following universities: Azusa Pacific, Bonn, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Florence, Harvard, Oxford, Leiden, Leuven, Paris, Rome, and Sydney.

The project's aim is to store in a computerised form all the information that a scholar, translator, preacher or layperson could require about the meaning and interpretation of ancient Hebrew vocabulary. The data will be systematically arranged, evaluated by experts in the field, and encoded so as to make consultation and cross-referencing easy and maximally productive. Both the quantity of data included and the possibilities of comparison and cross-reference will go far beyond that which any standard Hebrew dictionary can offer; the contributions of modern linguistics and computer technology will be exploited to the full. Such information lies at the foundation of all good biblical scholarship, whether this takes the form of commentaries on the Bible, historical works or biblical theology.