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  • Not yet published



The Semantic Collaborative Ontology for Three-dimensional visualization of Cultural Heritage (SCOTCH) is an RDF ontology that proposes "a synthetic, time- and cost-effective way to document 3D visualisation, connecting the 3D model and its parts, both internally with each other and externally with online information about material remains, as a standard for the community of practitioners involved in the study, preservation and communication of cultural heritage." It is being designed, tested and documented as part of a PhD dissertation for submission in January 2017, and is therefore not yet published.


  • Vitale, V. (2016), "Transparent, Multivocal, Cross-disciplinary: The Use of Linked Open Data and a Community-developed RDF Ontology to Document and Enrich 3D Visualisation for Cultural Heritage." In: Bodard, G & Romanello, M (eds.) Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement, Pp. 147–168. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI:

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