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  • Rada Varga (Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)


Taken from the project website (accessed 2016-10-14):

The aim of Romans 1 by 1 is to construct the first complete population database for a well delimited geographical area of the ancient world, focused on the epigraphic sources from the Roman provinces Dacia, Moesia Superior and Moesia Inferior and to bring forth a novel overview on the attested population of this region. The ground-breaking nature of this scientific endeavour resides in its “pilot” character: for the first time in relation to ancient sources, we will establish a set of best practices rules and a viable metadata for a population database (a prerequisite instrument of our research), have the possibilities of longitudinal (diachronic) studies, cross-sectional (section in time) analyses, linkage and network studies. The `high risk – high gain` character of the project resides in its ambition of not only exhaustiveness (within the limitations imposed by the sources, of course), but as well of implementing new methodologies in researching ancient population; its interdisciplinary character links it with digital classics, as well as with historical demography and sociology, thus having the potential of producing valuable results for the research of Roman antiquity.