Papyrus-Projekt Halle-Jena-Leipzig

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  • Reinhold Scholl
  • Rainer Thiel
  • Nadine Quenouille
  • Marius Gerhardt
  • Jens Kupferschmidt

(and many others)


From the website (accessed 2015-11-12):

The joint project of the papyri collections Halle, Jena and Leipzig aims at cataloging, digitalizing and backing up the papyri, and since 2009 also ostraca, inventories of the universities. The resulting digital copies are published on this website, including pictures and short descriptions. They are accessible by specialists as well as the public.

The website is implemented using the open source project My CoRe that was and still is developped by a number of german universities. Please notice that the papyrus presentation is still in progress. The number of online papyri will increase within the next months.