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The PCAS - Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra (Pontifical Committee of Sacred Archaeology) had digitized its archives and made them available online. The website features:

  • A historical archive of written documents with 333 items from years 1851-1993;
  • A photographic archive based on previous print photographic catalogs;
  • Other online resourches, such as information on catacombs and on the history of the PCAS.

The photographic archive includes epigraphical images. From poster "The PCAS Photographic Digital Archive: Fruition of Epigraphic Images" by Barbara Mazzei and Agnese Pergola:

"The project of a Digital Photographic Archive of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology was initiated in order to facilitate access for scholars all over the world to the tens of thousands of negatives, films, and print images stored within the Photografic Archive, otherwise inacessible if not on site. Among the collected images are around 16000 photographs representing Greek and Latin epigraphs of Christian catacombs in Italy, including not only Christian but also pagan inscriptions."