Kretikai Politeiai: Cretan Institutions from VII to I century BC (Vagionakis)

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Thesis Title

  • Kretikai Politeiai: Cretan Institutions from VII to I century BC


  • Irene Vagionakis

Doctoral thesis in "Scienze dell’Antichità", Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

Submitted: September 2019

Supervisors: Claudia Antonetti, Gabriel Bodard


The research aimed at a systematic analysis of the records pertaining to Cretan institutions, mainly epigraphic, in order to propose an up-to-date reconstruction of the entire administrative framework of the island political realities from the rise of the poleis to the Roman conquest of Crete (VII-I century BC). For all the 600 examined inscriptions a digital XML edition compliant with the TEI-EpiDoc standard has been provided, each equipped with a commentary focused on the institutional data offered by the document. All the inscriptions are collected in the database Cretan Institutional Inscriptions, which has been created by using the EpiDoc Front-End Services (EFES) platform and which will be made available online in Open Access mode. The edition of the epigraphic texts is associated with an examination of each of the considered institutional elements (assemblies, officials, associations, civic subdivisions, social statuses, age classes, months, festivities and other celebrations, institutional practices and instruments, public spaces) and with an attempt of reconstruction of the administrative assets of every Cretan political reality (poleis, koina, dependent communities, extra-urban sanctuaries, hegemonic alliances) aimed at the identification of local peculiarities and regional trends.