Greek Fonts (PSGreek in MiKTeX)

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How to install PSGreek in MiKTeX

Because two of the fonts are shareware it is not included in LaTeX installations and a package manager might not access it. You do it yourself. Naturally start with the psgreek documentation. It says to put all files in "the appropriate subdirectories". Which are they? Here is one answer that worked for MiKTeX in WinEdt.

Download psgreek from the CTAN site to create a folder in texmf named psgreek. The documentation refers to .pfb .afm .tfm .vf .ofm and .ovf files. Do not go to the individual files. Copy the contents of folders type1/, afm/, tfm/ vf/, ofm/, ovf/ from texmfpsgreekfonts into the six folders with the same names in texmffonts.

Follow steps 2 and 3 of the documentation. Step 4 is not for MiKTeX. For Step 5 it is probably better to alter updmap.cfg by the steps in the MiKTeX 2.4 Manual:

Open the directory miktexconfig relative to the local TEXMF directory (see the Manual section called �The Local TEXMF Directory�). If there is no local version of updmap.cfg yet, then create a new text document (normally a Notepad file). Insert the following line: Map

Save this file with the name of: updmap.cfg

Refresh the file name database as you do after installing any new package or font file. In WinEdt use the MiKTeX options "refresh now" button. Then go to the Windows Start button, select "run" and run this command: initexmf --mkmaps.